How To Catch A Wife Cheating

So how can you catch your wife cheating? There are a few tell tale signs that you can notice easily:

Lack of intimacy – your wife just isn’t interested in you, not only in the bedroom.


If your wife is spending more time on the phone (out of earshot) or on the internet when you are asleep – this can be a sign of cheating.

Look for unaccountable charges on your credit cards. Women having an affair spend money. They rent cars, go to motels, travel…

If your wife is cheating, there is a good chance that she is going to accuse you of cheating!

Wait until she is in the shower, and go through her purse. If you ever want to know where your wife has been, and whether your wife has had an affair or not – you can find out from the purse.

If you already suspect your wife of cheating on you and you want to catch her – keep quiet and don’t give the cheating wife any hint of your suspicion.

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