How To Tell If Your Spouse Is Cheating

If your spouse starts buying you gifts, and is paying attention to your needs more than usual – that can be a sign of infidelity. These gifts are purchased because your spouse feels guilty about betraying you. This, however, happens only in the early stages of her/his affair.

Some of your mutual friends begin acting strangely toward you. They may know about the affair.The first thing that your partner will do to contact the other person in his/her life, is to make calls or use email. If your partner buys a cell phone and doesn’t tell you about it; if she/he starts to delete all incoming telephone calls from the caller ID, and also deletes all incoming emails unusually fast – it is obvious that something is wrong.

If your spouse shows a sudden preoccupation with her/his appearance.

If your partner buys new underwear. (If he/she wears new clothes to seduce you – then everything is okay.

If your spouse is often away from home, and when he/she comes home goes straight into the shower – and then straight to bed.

If your partner appears less comfortable around you.


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