Common Marriage Problems

No one expects to have marriage problems, but everyone must face some of those problems sooner or later.

Infidelity. The number 1, biggest, most notorious of all common marriage problems. Many extramarital affairs remain undetected because people just refuse to believe that it can happen to them. Many men and women think that no one would ever cheat on them because they are too good looking or too wealthy. The sad fact is that many people don’t even know they have this problem in their marriage.

Money issues. One of the most common marriage problems related to money is when one of the partners is secretive about a financial situation. Especially if that situation has now gotten out of hand. Any debts and loans that are hidden from spouse, can undermine the essential element of trust in a healthy marriage.

Jealousy. Most people struggle with jealousy emotion at some point in their marriage. Jealousy in marriage develops from numerous situations. For instance, some people are natural flirts, which make their spouses totally insecure – they are just waiting for the moment when they are going to be dumped. The spouse who flirts often has no idea that he/she is doing anything wrong. Unresolved jealousy can even develop beyond the end of a relationship – into a long-term vendetta.

Neglect. A person can understand that his/her spouse need to put some time and effort into his/her career particularly if it brings a good income. However, traveling a lot, working excessively long hours,and practically leading separate lives has proven to be a real marriage killer.

Boredom. Boredom is one of the common marriage problems that happens early on in a marriage. After the honeymoon is over, couples realize that married life is not easy. Many marriages that can be classified as “nearly perfect” break down because of boredom – there are no challenges, no changes…
If left unresolved, boredom can destroy any marriage.

Loss of Intimacy. For many couples intimate moments, romantic evenings and relaxed,uninterrupted love making are a thing of the past. Without those intimate moments that help your relationship be special,couples gradually loose the bond that bought them together.

A common marriage problem is entering into marriage with the expectation that it is going to fail. Just because you know what are most common marriage problems doesn’t mean they are going to happen to you.

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