Cheating Husbands

Cheating Husbands: The Clues

How to tell if your husband is cheating? These are some of the most common clues:

Grooming habits change. He is more attentive to his personal appearance and buys new cologne, clothes and underwear.

Communication problems. When you want to speak with him he usually says that he’s tired or that he’s had a long day at the office. He has difficulty looking you straight in the eyes when he tries to answer your questions.

Low sex drive. If your husband doesn’t want to make love with you, then something is wrong.

Spending more time on the phone, out of earshot, or on the internet when you are asleep. This can be a sign of a cheating husband.

Why are married men cheating? Most husbands that cheat do it for a reason. Usually, they are not getting something that they need from their wife. If you really love your husband, then take the time and try to save your marriage.

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